Integrated Scientific Information Systems

Workshop, 16.-18. March 1998 in Hamburg


Table of Contents

I: Integrated Scientific Information Systems: Reports from the International Scene

  1. Carole Palmer: The Business of Information Management - Electronic Publishing in Initiatives in Australia
  2. Stephen Griffin: Progress of the U.S. Digital Libraries Projects and the Vision for Digital Libraries in the Future
  3. Derek Law: Development of Digital Libraries and Integrated Scientific Information Systems in Great Britain and Europe

II: Building and Expanding Existing Integrated Scientific Information Systems in Germany. Status Reports and Perspectives

  1. Dr. Jürgen Bunzel: The Virtual Library Program of the German Research Association
  2. Prof. Dr. Rudi Schmiede: Status Report on the German Global-Info Program
  3. Prof. Dr. Günther Gauglitz: Chemie - Hypermedium
  4. Dr. Mike Fitzgerald: The New Concept of the University and its Place in the Integrated Scientific Information System

III: Organization and Management of Integrated Information Systems

  1. Dr. Peter Schirmbacher: Collaboration of Libraries, Computer Centers and Media Centers Slides
  2. Dietmar Bussmann: The Virtual Institute Paper
  3. Dr. Michael Mönnich: Building of an electronic Information- and Document Delivery System at the University of Karlsruhe Paper

IV: Quality Aspects for Resources in Integrated Scientific Information Systems: Cognitive Aspekts of Using Electronic Information on the Net

  1. Prof. Dr. Thomas Finholt: Collaboratory Life - Observations on Scientific Work via the Internet Paper
  2. Robert Schloss: Quality Filtering of Information Resources Foils
  3. Nicky Ferguson: Social Science Information Gateway and Training for Social Scientists in Using Electronic Resources

V: Integrated Scientific Information Systems: Vision and Reality. Panel Discussion

VI: Short Reports from Relevant Projects

  1. Prof. Dr. Günter Törner: DFG-Project "Dissertationen Online"
  2. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dreissig: The Internet Information Service "Chemie.De" Lecture
  3. Dr. Jochen Beck: Subject Oriented Information Systems for Sports Sciences Paper
  4. Bernd Diekmann: DFG-Project "GERHARD"
  5. Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Fischbach: Project "Flybrain"
  6. Dr. Cornelia Habers: Project "InterDoc - Interdisciplinary document processing based on the MeDoc-Service" Foils

VII: Results of the Meetings

  1. Program of the DPG
  2. Program of the DMV
  3. Program of the VDBio

© Dr. Diann Rusch-Feja,
Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development, 1998