IuK-Workshop "Wege in die Zukunft - Elektronische Zeitschriften II - International Symposium on Electronic Journals" Berlin, 16-17 February 1998

A Set of Theses as a Basis for the Discussion concerning the possible Founding or a IuK-Working Group for Electronic Journals


The IuK-Initiative of the German Professional Scientific Societies sees the free flow of informaton in the sciences seriously threatened by the increasingly deteriorating provision of information in journals. The overall performance of universities and colleges and other research institutes will be reduced by the fact that only a few of these institutions can still afford the essential journals in their subject areas and thereby offer fulfill the long-term requirements for high-level research. Rising journal prices stand in contrast with the sinking acquisitions budgets of libraries for scientific journals in scholarly institutions. Increasing commercialisation and monopolistical tendencies in the area of scholarly journals can be seen by the researchers as an acute threat to their publication possibilities and to their access to the necessary research information.

Points for Discussion

  1. The Working Group "Electronic Journals" is a special initiative of the IuK-Initative of the German Professional Scientific Societies.
  2. The purpose of this IuK-Working Group is to improve provision of journals in the sciences. The Working Group represents the interests of the researchers and scholars and should strengthen their influence in the area of scientific journals.
  3. Digital information and communication offer an enormous potential for reducing information costs in the sciences. This potential should, however, be used effectively for scholarly, scientific journals (here the key word is "electronic journals") and in the interests of the sciences.
  4. The Working Group will evaluate existing experiences in the production and distribution of electronic journals in the various scholarly disciplines and present this in the form of a report to the Professional Scientific Societies.
  5. The Working Group will prepare recommendations to the Professional Scientific Societies for improving journal provision in the sciences. These recommendations should also include: - the use of new media to prevent journal costs from continuing to rise and to improve access to journals - exploiting the new possibilities of the electronic medium for presentation of scientific results.
  6. The Professional Scientific Societies view electronic journals as an important and integral component of their entire activities in electronic information and communication
  7. The Working Group will support tests of alternative editoring and publishing concepts such as publication of journals by university presses or by the professional scientific societies
  8. The Working Group will cooperate in the development of standards for in the area of identification, description, and networking of electronic journals.
  9. The Working Group will participate in the discussion of long-term archiving of electronic publications.
  10. The Working Group will cooperate with university libraries, computer centers and publishers in contributing to the conceptual work and realisation of theses concepts for improved journal provision.

Status: 9 February 1998, Translated 14 February 1998 by D. Rusch-Feja, Last Modified 14 February 1998 by D. Rusch-Feja