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of the Annual Conference of the IuK
Initiative information and communication of the Learned Societies in Germany
22.-24.3.1999, Jena, Germany

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started: 25.3.1999
last entry: 17.5.1999
Contributions with no entry date have been entered prior to the meeting date: 21.3.1999

R. Anghelache (homepage); Institut of Technical Physics, Romenia
The Octopus document
DDD-iuk99-001: [ Abstract (28.2.1999)]

W. Y. Arms (homepage);
Corporation for National Research Initiatives, USA
Object models, overlay journals, and virtual collections
DDD-iuk99-002: [Abtract (3.2.1999) and Slides]; (Invited Contribution)

D. Atkins; School of Information, USA
The NSF Digital Library Initiatives: The big and the bigger picture DDD-iuk99-003: [ Abstract]. (Invited Contribution)

C. Bennett, Computer Based Learning Unit, Univ. of Leeds UK
ACRIDD - Access to Cancer Registry Information by Dynamic Documents
DDD-iuk99-004: [ Dynamic Document, containing e.g. Abstract, Slides, Homepage]

Josť Luis Borbinha National Library of Portugal; Lisbon, Portugal
Deposit of Digital Publications
DDD-iuk99-005: [ Abstract]; (Invited Contribution)

B. F. Bowman; Central Information Services, Bio/Med Section, Max Planck Society
Information Management Services for Scientists - New Challenges and Opportunities
DDD-iuk99-006: [ Abstract & Slides (01.4.1999) ]

Peter Boyce, (homepage); Amer. Society of Astronomers, USA
Update or Die: The Long Term Survival Problem
DDD-iuk99-007: [..]; (Invited Contribution)

A. Cohen, (Uni Eindhoven), M. Feith (Springer Verlag);
Algebra Interactive
Presentations at the Joint Workshop of the Math-Net Projekt and the DMV IuK-Fachgruppe

I. Dahn; Uni Koblenz-Landau
Ein dynamisches Lehrbuch zur Analysis
Presentations at the Joint Workshop of the Math-Net Projekt and the DMV IuK-Fachgruppe
DDD-iuk99-056: [Abstract]

I. Dahn, Institute for Informatics, Univ. of Koblenz
Providing Freedom for Readers - a Technology
DDD-iuk99-008: [ Abstract; slides (25.3.1999)]

W. Dalitz (ZIB Berlin), J. Kallies (Uni Köln), R. Schwänzl (Uni Osnabrück), V. Winczewski (ZIB Berlin)
MathNet: Internet Information Services for Mathematicians
Presentations at the Joint Workshop of the Math-Net Projekt and the DMV IuK-Fachgruppe
DDD-iuk99-054: [Dynamic Document]

A. de Kemp, Springer Verlag
Perspectives of STM Publishing
Recent Developments and Discussions from an International View

DDD-iuk99-009: [ Abstract ]

P. Diepold (homepage), Faculty of Philosophy, HU Berlin
Dissertationen Online" (Theses Online)
DDD-iuk99-010: [ Abstract]

S. Dobratz RZ HU Berlin
Structured digital dissertations - an example for new quality of document and information retrieval in university libraries -
DDD-iuk99-011: [ Abstract, Slides]

D. Eberlein, (TU München)
Multimediale Ingenieur-Analysis
Presentations at the Joint Workshop of the Math-Net Projekt and the DMV IuK-Fachgruppe
DDD-iuk99-059: [Abstract, Slides, Project]

D. Fellner (homepage); Computer Graphics, TU Braunschweig
DDD-iuk99-012: [ Abstract]

T. A. Finholt, (home page); Psychology Dep., Univ. of Michigan USA
DDD-iuk99-013: [...]

E. Fox (homepage); Dep. of Computer Science, Virginia Tech USA
Digital Dissertations network worldwide
DDD-iuk99-014: [Abstract (24.3.1999)]
(Presentation of IuK99 and IuK-Workgroup Dissertations Online)

F. Froben; Dep. of Physics, FU Berlin
Library consortia and e-journals
DDD-iuk99-015: [ Abstract]

G. Gauglitz, (homepage), Fred Rapp, Manuela Reichert, Cornelia Hänel, Jörg Wegener, University of Tübingen, Institute for Physical Chemistry
( Mulitmedia and Teaching); Univ. of Tübingen
The Virtual Spectrometer
DDD-iuk99-016: [Abstract]

D. Görlitz; Physics Dep., Univ. of Hamburg
Security and Qualtiy of Documents and Communication on the Web
DDD-iuk99-017: [ Abstract; Slides]

M. Grötschel; (homepage); Dep. of Mathematics, ZIB TU Berlin
MathNet: Info global
DDD-iuk99-18: [ Abstract; slides (26.3.99)].

M. Grötschel (ZIB Berlin),W. Sperber (TU Berlin
IuK in der Mathematik - Thesen und künftigeSchwerpunkte
Presentations at the Joint Workshop of the Math-Net Projekt and the DMV IuK-Fachgruppe
DDD-iuk99-060:[ Abstract]

S. Harnad (homepage);
Dep. of Electronics and Computer Science, Univ. of Southampton
Parallel Global and Local Online Archives:
the Optimal and Inevitable Resource for Research and Researchers

DDD-iuk99-019: Abstract]

A. Heuer, Z. Zhang, Th. Engel, Ch. Meinel; Institut für Telematik, Trier
DAPHNE - Distributed Authoring and Publishing in a Hypertext and Networked Environment
DDD-iuk99-020: [ Abstract Paper]

M. Hildebrandt and H. A. Meyer; Psychology Dep., Univ. of Kassel
Time tracking of navigation in complex, interactive documents: Methodology and application to online research and Website evaluation
DDD-iuk99-021: [ Abstract; Slides]

E.F.Heinold, R. Oberhage
Management dynamischer Dokumente an wissenschaftlichen Hochschulen in Deutschland
DDD-iuk-061: [ Participants and Topics of discussions]

E. R. Hilf , (homepage), Dep. of Physics, Univ. of Oldenburg
The IuK Initiative : Concept, Aims and Perspectives of interdisciplinary work
DDD-iuk99-022: [ Abstract]

E.R.Hilf, chairman of IuK99;
IuK99: Dynamic Documents
DDD-iuk99-d: [Abstract]

W. Hochstättler (ZPR Köln), S. Fekete (ZPR Köln) A. Schliep (ZPR Köln),
Kombinatorische Optimierung - Zeile für Zeile
Presentations at the Joint Workshop of the Math-Net Projekt and the DMV IuK-Fachgruppe
DDD-iuk99-057:[ Abstract]

R. Iannella
DSTC Pty Ltd and Univ. of Queensland, Australia;
The Promise and Reality of RDF
DDD-iuk99-023: [ Abstract]

W.-D. Ihlenfeldt, Paul Selzer, Johann Gasteiger; Computer Chemistry Center, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Spectroscopy on the Net - Simulating Infrared Spectra DDD-iuk99-049:[Abstract]

G. Kaupp, (home page) Dep. of Chemistry, Univ. of Oldenburg
Publication without loss of data: Data interaction
DDD-iuk99-024: [ Abstract, Slides]

M. Kelly Institute of Physics Publishing
From Digitized Journals to Digital Journals
DDD-iuk99-025: [ Abstract]

E. Kleinpeter, Univ. of Potsdam
NMR Spectroscopy on-line
DDD-iuk-051: [Abtract]

R. Koch, H.-J. Reiffen, Fachbereich Mathematik/Informatik, Universität Osnabrück
Enter - elektronische Information für Schule und Studium
DDD-iuk99-026: [ Abstract]; (Contribution to the Joint Workshop of the Math-Net Projekt and the DMV IuK-Fachgruppe).

C. Lagoze, (homepage) Computer Science Dep., Cornell University USA
Rapid Dissemination of Scholarly Results: The NCSTRL Experience
DDD-iuk99-027: [Abstract; Slides]

G. Machnik; Rektor of Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena;
Welcome by Jena-University to IuK99 DDD-iuk99-b: [...]

S. Manning; WIFO, Berlin
Results of research projects at a glance: info units in a hypertext structure
DDD-iuk99-028: [ Abstract]

P. Murray-Rust; Virtual School of Molecular Sciences, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Univ. of Nottingham, UK
Freedom for Authors
DDD-iuk99-047: [ Abstract]

R. Oberhage ; Fachbereich Physik, Univ.-GH Essen
DDD-iuk99-053: [ Abstract] DD-iuk-b: [..]

Evan Owens, Univ. of Chicago Press
Are Publishers obsolete?
DDD-iuk99-029: [...]

A. Paepcke (homepage); Stanford University; USA
Interacting With Information: Lessons from the Stanford Digital Library Project
DDD-iuk99-030: [Abstract, Paper]

H. Pfeiffenberger and A. Macario, AWI Bremerhaven (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research)
Perspectives of Active Documents: Linking People, Events, Documents and Data
DDD-iuk99-031: [ Abstract ]

J. Plümer (homepage), Dep. of Mathematics, Univ. of Osnabrück
Metadata: a concept for Searching and Indexing
DDD-iuk99-032: Abstract]

B. Preuss and P. Konz ZPID, Univ. of Trier
Creating integrated information systems in Psychology
DDD-iuk99-033: [ Abstract]

P. Röhlinger, Lord Mayor of Jena;
Welcome of Town Jena.
DDD-iuk99-c: [..]

D. Rusch-Feja , MPI Bildungsforschung, Berlin
Access vs. Ownership
DDD-iuk99-034: [...]

R. Schmiede, ( homepage), Dept. of Sociology, Darmstadt Univ. of Technology
Global Info - The German Digital Library Project, Status and Development

B. Schmitt (homepage), M. Christoffel, P.Lockemann; IPD Karlsruhe
and S. Pulkowski, C.Schütte; UB Karlsruhe
DDD-iuk99-036: [ Abstract Slides, Paper ]

R. Schwänzl (homepage); Dep. of Mathematics, Univ. of Osnabrück
MetaData and Digital Libraries
DDD-iuk99-037: [ Abstract

Th. Severiens (homepage) Dep. of Physics, Univ. of Oldenburg
Professional Home Page concept for Scientists and Institutions: an interdisciplinary approach
DDD-iuk99-38: [ Abstract]

P. Spuhler; Teubner Verlag
Resumee aus Verlagssicht
DDD-iuk99-039: [...]

Kati Szalay (homepage);
KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian Physics Information System
DDD-iuk99-040: [ Abstract]

K. Stüber; Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung
Der BioFinder; eine Suchmaschine für die Biologie
DDD-iuk99-41: [ Abstract]

S. Sugimoto;
Univ. of Library and Information Science (ULIS):
Digital Libraries in Japan
DDD-iuk99-042: [ Abstract]

Steffen Thiele, Silvia Paasch, Reiner Salzer; Technical University Dresden, Institute for Analytical Chemistry
Dynamic Documents for Instrumental Analysis in Chemistry Laboratory
DDD-iuk99-050: [ Abstract]

J. Thomas; University of Leeds, UK
DUDE - An Architecture for Information Integration using Active Documents
DDD-iuk99-046: [ Abstract]

P. Wandelt Vorstand DPG;
Opening of IuK99
DDD-iuk99-a: [ Opening by DPG]

H. Wandke und A. Dubrowsky; Instiute of Psychology, HU Berlin
Evaluation von Online-Bildungsangeboten im Schul- und Hochschulbereich
DDD-iuk-048: [ Abstract ]

B. Whitaker and J. Thomas
Computer Based Learning Unit, Univ. of Leeds UK
DUDE - An Architecture for Information Integration using Active Documents

B. Whitaker; University of Leeds, UK
Motivation and Architecture for Dynamic Documents
DDD-iuk99-045: [ Abstract (14.3.1999)]

L. Weisel; FIZ Karlsruhe
Who Knows - Who Cares? - From Information to Knowledge-Management in Physics and Beyond
DDD-iuk99-044: [ Abstract]

D. Ziessow, TU Berlin
The German Research Ministery Pilot Project Vernetztes Studium Chemie
DDD-iuk99-052: [Abstract]

for corrections and additions please contact:
Kerstin Zimmermann (IuK99 Secretary) or Eberhard R. Hilf , (IuK99 Chairman)