IuK 99 - Dynamic Documents

Annual Conference of the IuK Initiative information and communication of the Learned Societies in Germany

Proceedings advice

The Concept

The proceedings of the IuK99 Dynamic Documents is meant to evolve into a source of information distributed across the groups of the participants servers and future groups joining.

To enter Information

Please use the Upload Form

You may enter the slides of your contribution, a full document to be stored here, a dynamic document (to reside at your own site's server).

Please note whether your document should be refereed. (A successfull refereeing will result in a respective mark).

As well you may also enter comments to someone else's contribution.

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To search and find information

you may use the Search Engine G8 which is a search engine running across the proceedings, all IuK99 conference pages, the IuK Intiative Site and interesting sites of the participants, and on sites relevant to scientific information and communication of the G8 industrial states and some publishers and commercial providers.

In case you want a site added to the search space of this search engine please write a mail to wwwadmin@harvest.physik.uni-oldenburg.de .