International Conference

IuK99 - Dynamic Documents

March 22.-24. 1999

Ernst Abbe Platz
Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany

Annual Conference of the IuK
Initiative information and communication of the Learned Societies in Germany

under the auspices of DPG

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Scope of the workshop:

IuK 99 - Dynamic Documents will bring together experts from all over the world to discuss and evaluate the need for documentation in science in view of the upcoming dynamic, interacting, living (continuously upgraded) and chamaeleon (depending on user konwledge and interest) documents, the future perspectives and consequences fof professional services for information and communication management in Sciences.

The conference comprises

some of the invited speakers:

W. Y. Arms, Corp. for Natl.Res.Initiatives, USA
D. Atkins, Univ. of Michigan, USA
R. Anghelache, Institut of Technical Physics, Romenia
P. Boyce, Amer.Soc. of Astronomers, USA
J. Borbinha, Biblioteca Nacional, Portugal
A. M. R. Correia, Portugal
T. A. Finholt, Univ. of Michigan, USA
F. Fox, Virginia Tec, USA
S. Griffin, NSF, USA
S. Harnad, Univ. of Southampton, UK and Princeton, USA
R. Iannella, DSTC Pty Ltd; Australia
M. Karttunen, McGill University, Canada
C. Lagoze, Cornell University, USA
P. Murray-Rust, University of Nottingham, UK
A. Paepcke, Stanford Univ., USA
E. Owens, Univ. of Chigago Press
S. Sugimoto, Tsukuba Univ., Japan
K. Szalay, KFKI Res. Inst., Budapest, Hungary
B. J. Whitaker, Univ. of Leeds, UK